new client package specials & Gift Cards


Into the Mix
Includes Initial Evaluation and 2 Private Sessions – $220 ($265 value)

We’ll start out with a thorough 55-minute Initial Evaluation in which we will complete a detailed postural assessment and introduce you to the fundamental Pilates principles. Then, utilizing the knowledge we gained in your initial evaluation, we will begin to utilize the Pilates principles in your 2 private sessions, working on the mat and varied apparatus to strengthen, lengthen and tone your entire body. This is a great way to get started (or get started again) on your Pilates journey.


Get Moving
Includes Initial Evaluation and 2 Group Equipment Classes – $135 ($160 value)

Start out with a thorough 55-minute Initial Evaluation in which we will complete a detailed postural assessment and introduce you to the fundamental Pilates principles. Then we will utilize this knowledge we gained as you continue your work with the added energy and camaraderie of fellow Pilates practitioners. This is a great way to get started (or get started again) on your Pilates journey.



Give the gift of Pilates

Wanna share the love by giving that special someone the gift of health, strength, and wellness? You’re sure to be a gift hero with any of these incredible options.

  1. Into The Mix - detailed above. An Initial evaluation + two private sessions. Perfect for someone new to Pilates or who already has a practice and is starting out at our studio.

  2. Get Moving - detailed above. An Initial Evaluation + two classes. Perfect for someone who is new to Pilates, or to our studio who wants to jump into weekly group classes.

  3. Dealer’s Choice - pick your own amount - maybe it’s enough for one drop in group class, or enough for a private session, one of our client workshops…or add a little extra so they shop our amazing boutique of alo yoga clothing! You just can’t go wrong. See our services page for pricing to get an idea of what things cost.

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New Client FAQ

We'd love to welcome you to Bolder Pilates. Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions below to help you know what to expect at your fist visit, and feel free to call us if your questions aren't answered here.


    • New to Pilates? We recommend starting with an Initial Evaluation appointment, and some private sessions, even if your goal is to enter group classes. The learning curve is very quick, but it’s truly a different language, and we want to make sure you learn the RIGHT way (for YOUR unique body) from the start so you get the most out of your workouts. We have some wonderful New Client Specials (at the top of this page) for you to take advantage of that offer a great discount and will give you a great jumping off point.

    • Not new to Pilates, but new to our studio? You can start by either:
      1) Requesting an Initial Evaluation - even if you have prior experience, this appointment allows us to look at your body and come up with a program that works for your body’s specific needs and your goals. If you are working with an injury or have chronic pain, we highly recommend starting here.
      2) Requesting a Private Session (“appointment”), or a group class, whichever fits your needs. We always prefer to see people one on one (but this is not mandatory) before group classes so we get a chance to learn about you and your body...then we can help guide you to the appropriate class.


    • Download the MindBody app to make scheduling with us as simple as possible. Favorite us on the app and then you can schedule both private appointments and group classes with a just a touch. You can also sign up for classes by clicking our schedule on either our web site or mobile, which will direct you to the MindBody scheduler.  If you do not have a MindBody account, you will need to register for one.


    • Absolutely!* This is the perfect time to start your Pilates program. Pilates is inherently rehabilitative, focusing on proper structural alignment and correcting muscular imbalance in the body. We specialize in a therapeutic approach, and our passion is teaching you the tools IN the studio to help you live the boldest life you can OUTSIDE the studio.

      *If you are recovering from surgery or a serious injury, we recommend having your Doctor’s approval before starting any exercise regimen.


    • Noooooo! Pilates was created by a man, and is greatly beneficial to just about anyone, of any age or of any size. In fact, at our studio we have about 40% male clients.  It is absolutely the best method for creating strength from the inside out and a deep awareness between body and mind. Professional athletes, both men and women, have been using Pilates to stay strong and injury free for decades. What are you waiting for?

For information on private and group classes CLICK HERE. To see all of our specials, CLICK HERE.

Wanna make booking with us a breeze? The easiest and fastest way to register for services with us is to download the MINDBODY app onto your smartphone, search for “Bolder Pilates” and then favorite us. Then we’ll be right there at your fingertips!