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Why Bolder Pilates?
  • Our studio: Your own personal workout space

    Our beautiful studio, located in the heart of downtown Boulder, Colorado, is a welcoming environment for personal training and small group classes in the Pilates method. We offer training on the mat, universal reformer, wall tower, stability chair, and utilize props such as physio-balls, foam rollers, and Therabands. Because we’re small, not only will you get all the attention your body deserves, you won’t get overwhelmed or distracted, as you might at a larger gym or studio. The focus is on you, so you can focus on your goals.
  • Our philosophy: You should love the body you live in

    You have a vision for your body. Whether that means a more toned physique, improved strength, a return to pre-pregnancy fitness, or an end to chronic pain, we partner with you to help you see lasting, positive results. While we LOVE all the anatomical perks of Pilates training – killer abs, long lean muscles, incredible posture (the list is long), we teach from a place of learning to love your body from the inside out. We know firsthand how demoralizing and debilitating chronic pain, injuries, and a lack of general strength can be. We want you to feel STRONG and empowered in your body! And although you’ll probably love the way your new body looks (don’t get us wrong – we love Pilates bodies), our focus will be on getting you to love how you FEEL and move in your body first.
  • Our Approach: Pilates, personalized

    We design your workouts with your body’s specific needs in mind, to help you achieve your goals. Our goal is to give you a customized experience that changes as your needs change, one that is private, stress-free and fun. Many Pilates studios teach in a regimented manner, never veering from traditional methodology or sequences of exercises. We like to mix it up; It’s great for your body and mind, not to mention way more fun! We infuse classical Pilates with the most current techniques in the method to provide our clients with an efficient and effective repertoire of exercises for full-body conditioning and rehabilitation. Every body is different, so is every session we teach.
A Little About Us…

Donna (Rosen) Ligon

Donna Ligon, Master trainer and founder of Bolder Pilates, endured severe low back pain for most of her life. After 15 years of seeking a solution, she finally found Pilates, which strengthened her entire body, healed her back pain, and completely changed her life. After a 7 year career in animal welfare, she knew she had to start a new path toward keeping her body strong and healthy, while helping others who suffered from chronic pain. In 2000, Donna became a certified instructor with renowned teacher trainer Ellie Herman in San Francisco. She also completed a Therapeutic Pilates program immediately thereafter. Donna returned to Boulder in 2002 (she received her BA in Biology at CU in 1994), and has been passionately practicing and teaching Pilates ever since. Because of her personal experience in moving through pain into full body strength and wellness, Donna brings her compassion and understanding into every session she teaches, as well as creativity and a lot of fun.
Focused, fun, and fabulous. I have trained with a variety of Pilates instructors in the last decade and Donna is absolutely top notch. She has a great ability to diagnose weird connected aches and pains and then pull together programs to address them. Somehow she makes those little adjustments that get the most out of the training session, while at the same time keeping it  fun to prevent the boredom that can arise in classical Pilates training.  My abs are steely and my…..well never mind.I had a brutal fall skiing last week and I am convinced that the only reason I came up without injury is my training with Bolder Pilates. They are the real deal.  Just go there.  – Rick W.

Lexy Adkins

Lexy has been teaching Pilates since 2006. Her love of Pilates began 2 years earlier, when she began taking Pilates to improve back issues and overall health and well-being. After experiencing the benefits of Pilates, she was compelled to pass it onto others. Lexy trained comprehensively through Balanced Body University, and is continually seeking further knowledge on Pilates, yoga, rehabilitation, and wellness. She later earned her 200 hour yoga teacher certification through Pranakriya School of Yoga and is currently finishing her 500 hour certification in yoga therapy. Working in the wellness industry full-time, Lexy enjoys assisting her clients in conditioning their bodies and hearing how mindful movement transcends into other aspects of their lives. She believes that a strong mind-body connection and functional, thoughtful movement are essential to injury prevention and the rehabilitation process. Lexy enjoys and has extensive experience working with special populations, such as people with injuries, chronic issues, post-surgery, pregnant/post-natal women, and competitive cyclists. Before joining Bolder Pilates, Lexy owned Adkins Pilates, a Pilates and Yoga studio in Bloomington, IL and then worked at Inline Private training in Baltimore, MD. When not working, Lexy enjoys cooking, practicing yoga, traveling, and outdoor-adventuring.
I’ve been working with Lexy for about 4 months now with incredible results. Like most Boulder, 30-somethings, I’ve been in and out of physical therapy, orthopods, and private/group gym training and classes as the result of an active lifestyle. Most of those focus on pain management, not long term corrective exercises and strengthening. I’ve never had such focused and isolated muscle strengthening like I’ve gotten and Bolder Pilates. The ability to not workout from a script but rather build a session based on how I’m feeling that moment and adjusting in real-time when posture, pain or kinematics dictates is incredible and effective. I’ve never done anything that has been so beneficial to my skiing and cycling. Looking at results, there really isn’t a bigger bang for the buck in town.  Additionally, it’s served as a great way to combat the negative effects of a office/desk day job. – Dan B.

Dani Sloat

Dani Sloat was a professional dancer for 15 years in shows such as the Radio City Rockette “Christmas Spectacular”, “Folies Bergere” at the Tropicana Hotel & Casino, and Celine Dion’s “A New Day” at Caesar’s Palace. Dani was introduced to Pilates while rehabilitating from a performance injury and quickly fell in love with all Pilates had to offer. As fate would have it, one profession led her right into her next. Never did she think that she would find something that she was as passionate about as dancing. She saw the many benefits that Pilates could offer to people of all ages and fitness levels. Dani became a certified BASI Pilates instructor in 2008, and has been teaching ever since. In 2009 Dani was fortunate enough to combine her performance experience with her Pilates knowledge working with the performers at two Cirque Du Soleil shows in Las Vegas, NV. Before moving to Boulder in 2015, Dani spent five years at Konnect Pilates in Orange County, CA. With a thirst for knowledge and a desire to continue growing as an instructor Dani has enhanced her education with several certifications (Balanced Body Barre, Core Align I, Anatomy in 3D, and MOTR) through Balanced Body University, as well as being Zumba, Zumba Gold and Les Mills Bodyflow certified.In her free time, Dani still enjoys dancing and spending time with her husband and boy/girl twins.
I can’t say enough about working with Dani and Bolder Pilates! I love the vibe in this studio. I’ve been working with Dani for a few months now, and the results are phenomenal. Dani is knowledgeable, kind, motivating and not at all intimidating. I highly recommend Dani and Bolder Pilates. – Birchanne P

Emily Stone

Emily was first introduced to Pilates in 2008 while dancing professionally in New York City. An athlete and dancer for most of her life, Emily found in Pilates an exercise program that not only transformed her physical and mental performance, but also her life. After sustaining an injury that required surgery, Emily experienced first hand the rehabilitative benefits of Pilates and came back to dancing stronger and better than ever. Emily received her comprehensive training through Power Pilates in New York City. She also holds BA in Dance and is a certified yoga instructor. Emily believes that mindful movement is the basis for building a strong, healthy body is continually expanding her knowledge base and expertise. Years of teaching experience helps her to customize safe and challenging workouts for each client, helping them reach their wellness goals. A Colorado native, Emily is excited to be back in Boulder where she enjoys time with her family and playing in the mountains.
I started at Bolder Pilates as a total newbie to pilates. To be honest, I was not quite convinced that I could actually do challenging exercises with a bad back. Emily took me under her wing and has been my biggest cheerleader as I progress through this journey of healing. Over the last few months I have felt measurable improvements in my mobility and flexibility and I owe it all to Emily. She is able to tailor exercises to my specific needs and is very conscientious about making sure that each move is challenging but not stressful on my back. Her never ending patience and encouragement keep me going even when I feel like I’m making a fool of myself. I would highly recommend this business for those who have considered trying pilates but were too intimidated or too afraid to walk into a yoga studio with no prior experience. Emily and the other instructors have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome and supported. – Lauren R.
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