Shari Berkowitz is coming to Bolder Pilates in Boulder, Colorado the weekend of February 22nd-24th, 2019, and we couldn't be more thrilled. Biomechanist, ergonomist, trainer, and Pilates Teacher of Teachers, Shari is an incredible wealth of knowledge who has a gift for sharing in an articulate and thorough manner. SO, please join us for a weekend full of education, great work and laughs. And please pass this on to all in your community who think may have interest. Thank you, and we look forward to hosting you!



Semi-Private Training with Shari
Friday, February 22nd from 2-3p, and 3-4p

This is your chance to get a mini-workshop with Shari, and feel everything deeply in your own body. It’s a full body education and workout in one, and an opportunity to get personalized attention. We only have two hour-long sessions available so make sure to get signed up ASAP.


Biomechanics and Functional Anatomy: How Our Bodies Work and How to Cue That Reality
Friday, February 22 from 4:30 - 7:30p

While your physical intuition is an important asset in teaching Pilates, intuition is not enough. To sincerely take care of your clients, you must know the truth of how the body works. Cue the reality, not the myths or mistakes. Being a confident teacher depends on it…demands it. We’ll work to understand the best theories on biomechanics: Biotensegrity and Biodynamics. Then apply this information to your teaching and the effects on the entire body focused first on the pelvis and spine. Knowing and understanding is the only way.


Master Class with Shari: Reformer On the Mat
Saturday, February 23rd, from 9-10a

Each part of the reformer helps each exercise be a tool or a challenge within Pilates. What if we take the tools away and just do the reformer workout on the mat with the lessons we’ve learned from that piece of equipment? There is a technique to teaching it with appropriate images and through- line. Some exercises translate perfectly well and some are re-worked for the mat.


Rotated and Twisted Pelvises: It's simpler than you think!
Saturday, February 23 from 10:30a -1:30p

Whether from scoliosis or just life, everyone has a rotation of the pelvis. That rotation leads to many compensatory imbalances. Strong here, weak's no joke. The world has told you it's complicated. I am here to tell you that it's not. It's far easier to manage and rebalance than most realize. Let me teach you what you need to do and why. Here's what you'll get from this workshop:

  1. You'll understand why pelvises rotate.

  2. You'll have a complete protocol of how to address these rotations on all apparatus.

  3. You'll have homework to give your clients so they can continue the process between sessions.


Rotated and Twisted Pelvises - Part TWO!
Saturday, February 23 from 3-6p

Part One was only the beginning...but the most important beginning. The key to de-rotating and restrengthening the imbalances that have developed because of or into your twisted pelvis begin with what we did, but now we have to focus more distally reaching from the pelvis into the extremities. Let’s keep going!


Master class with Shari: Thematic Mat Class

Whether in a group class or in a private session, we must work with a intrinsic action that we're working to teach our clients to incorporate into each exercise in Pilates...and life. In thematic class, Shari picks one intrinsic action to add to our constant deep low abdominals and active lower back muscles to weave a physical and intellectual understanding of the value of the action. What will this class' theme be? Exactly what you need for the day! Join in and learn while you do then discuss how to make a class extremely effective!


Archival Mat and Standing Exercises
Sunday, February 24 from 10:30am-1:30pm

There are many more versions of Mr. Pilates’ exercises than we see today. Variations, modification, combinations of multiple exercises in one! Fascinating, challenging and all the rest! These versions should not just live in the memories of those of us who had access to them years ago. They ought to be living, breathing exercises for those who need the modification or challenge! Experience this material, then teach it so we never lose track of these great exercises!


Baby’s Got Back: Strengthening the Back Body Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!
Sunday, February 24 from 3-6pm  

We’re told that it is our abdominals that give us a strong back. The truth is: it is your back that gives you a strong back. In our work in Pilates, whatever your particular goal is, the strength of the back body is of vital consideration. And not just around your spine, but the back of your legs, pelvis, spine shoulder girdle and arms. In fact, a primary reason many exercises seem difficult to do or “fail” is because the back body has been missed. We will find out that nearly every exercise in every Pilates exercise requires strong cueing of the back body. It is remarkable! The path to accomplishing your and your clients’ physical goals…is through the back!




All workshops and master classes will count for 1 CEC per hour, so 3 credits for each workshop, and one for each master class. Come get all your CECs for the year by joining for the whole weekend with a total of 17 CECs! 

Pricing Options

Early bird pricing (now through December 31st) per 3-hour workshop: $150. Price will go up to $180 per workshop starting January 1st, 2019.

• Early bird ALL WEEKEND, ALL WORKSHOPS (pricing includes master class observation only): $695. After 12/31/18, pricing goes up to $845. BEST VALUE! 

• Early bird pricing for BOTH SATURDAY WORKSHOPS: $275 ($25 discount). After 12/31/18 price will go up to $335.

• Master classes are $40 pp, and not included in any of the package deals.

• Semi-private training with Shari - 5 people max: $55 pp (available Friday, Feb. 22nd at 2pm, and 3pm)



Please feel free to call us any time with questions at 303-544-5930. We do not have front desk staff, so please leave a message and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can. We are so very excited to be bringing Shari to beautiful Boulder, and to share this weekend or learning and growth with all of you!