Upcoming Client Workshops

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Pilates For the Busy Mama

Taking a program with you wherever you go.


Struggling to find the “ME-TIME” in your busy schedule? Join us for a workshop designed by the busy mom on-the-go (pet-moms and non-moms welcome too!), that utilizes small props you probably have at home to create core-focused mini-workouts you can do whenever and wherever you can find 15 minutes. The tools you learn you can use for a lifetime, and will help keep you strong even during times when making it to the studio is just not possible. We’ve got you!

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Summer Shoulders

Mobilize, stabilize, and strengthen!

Did you know that the shoulders are the most mobile joint in the body? This mobility can lead to dislocation, injury, and chronic pain if these babies aren't strong. The amount of force we put on our shoulders during common summer activities (stand up paddle-boarding, biking, even walking your pup on a leash) requires a delicate balance of flexibility, strength, and stabilization.

Utilizing tools you most likely have at home (resistance bands, small balls/weights), you will learn some excellent exercises for home or to take with you anywhere, to help keep those shoulders mobile and strong for all your summer adventuring. AND, who doesn’t want strong, toned shoulders for tank top season?

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