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Therapeutic Pilates (prevention and rehabilitation of injuries and/or chronic pain through Pilates)
  • Why it works:

    Pilates lengthens, strengthens, and tones every muscle in the body with virtually no strain on the joints. It strengthens the deep abdominal and postural muscles that support, stabilize, and decompress the spine. When the spine is decompressed, chronic pain will be diminished or completely alleviated and the entire body as a whole will be healthier. And when our bodies are healthy, we feel more connected to, and aware of them. This body awareness, when coupled with elevated strength and length in the muscles, increases flexibility, coordination, and improved performance at virtually everything we do.

  • Why us?:

    Donna brings to her practice extensive training in the area of Therapeutic Pilates and the treatment of chronic pain, including a year of intensive training in this specialty. She takes a holistic approach to address the body’s imbalances, correcting asymmetries and chronic weakness to treat the root of the problem and bring the body back into balance.

    For 3 years, Donna worked with Dr. Mark Barnes, bringing her effective approach to Pilates to his innovative physical therapy clinic, Soma PT. Donna also works together with local Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and other body workers to assist in providing care to their patients struggling with pain.

  • I have suffered from lumbar disk degeneration for many years. Due to its debilitating nature, I became unable to do many daily tasks or enjoy the activities that I once used to. I was facing surgeries, when my MD recommended I try Pilates. Until I found Bolder Pilates , I didn’t believe anything could help me. After just a few sessions with Donna I became able-bodied again! I have never loved working-out, and exercise routines were never a real part of my life. Until now! I am addicted to Pilates! Donna always makes me feel good about myself and continually gives me the encouragement to better myself, strengthen my body and get FIT! Donna’s knowledge about my specific needs and her patience with my “baby-steps” keeps me coming back for more. Today, I am a different person. My chronic pain has diminished. I feel healthy. My body is better than it was 25 years ago! Bolder Pilates is definitely my life-long friend. Thank you

    Laurel F.
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