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What our wonderful clients say about working with us….
  • I’ve been doing private sessions with both Emily and Dani at Bolder Pilates for the past few months. At first I wasn’t sure about splitting my time between two instructors, but it has turned out to be really beneficial. Both instructors are very knowledgeable and pay close attention to form. They both approach our workouts in slightly different ways and it’s nice to have two sets of eyes on how I’m progressing. I’ve seen a LOT of progress in how my body functions over the past few months and highly recommend both Dani, Emily, and Bolder Pilates. John P.
  • Wow! I am in awe of the phenomenal pilates instruction at Bolder Pilates. As a doctor of physical therapy I have been hugely impressed by the high caliber, attention to detail, and overall excellence offered by all of the instructors at this studio. In both small group classes and individualized sessions the instructors are so in tune with movement and breath, and create an easeful experience ensuring both safety and results. I rate it highly and would not hesitate to recommend Bolder Pilates to any of my physical therapy clients. Kyle W.  
  • I have been doing Pilates with Lexy for over 2 years now. Her knowledge and attention to detail are what make her a great teacher. After having off season hip surgery, working with Lexy really made a difference in my recovery. She knew how to work around my initial pain while building a strong base so that we could build and progress to a full strength. Now my core strength, hip stability, and range of motion are better than ever. Working with Lexy has truly been beneficial to my game. Jeremy Zuttah, Baltimore Ravens Center
  • I am a mother of a toddler coupled with being a full time hairdresser. I’m on my feet all day, using and holding my body in ways that aren’t gentle or ideal in keeping good strength and posture. I finally booked sessions with Donna, and am so glad that I did. She is not only a wonderful, bright-shining, authentic woman, but a very knowledgeable and encouraging professional who knows how to make an exceptional work out experience. Her space is beautiful, clean and inviting, and EXACTLY where I want to spend the minute amount of time that I carve out for myself. She is so attentive to every detail in making my experience personal and educational so that I get the most out of my time and do it properly to receive the ultimate benefit. I am more mindful in my daily routine because of how thoroughly she explains and educates throughout our session. I always wake up the next morning feeling like id been to the chiropractor, done yoga and had a massage. That’s a whole lot of awesomeness to get out of one hour. It helps that Donna is hilarious and super fun to hang out with as well. Never had I looked forward to go work out until I found Bolder Pilates. She’s truly the best!  Emmy S
  • I have worked with Lexy for a year and a half. She is by far, the best Pilates instructor that I have ever had and I have worked with instructors in two different cities from Baltimore to New York City. Her energy is contagious, her personality is always positive and bright, and her contemporary style of teaching makes the session consistently amazing. Her sessions are challenging, constantly changing and never boring or repetitive. Having any issues with your body……She is the one that will work with you no matter what ailments you have to make your sure you feel your best and get 100% out of her lessons. Nicole H
    • This may say it all…I drive from Denver to go to Bolder Pilates, despite a plethora of other Pilates studios to choose from. I came to Donna a broken mess after a pelvis injury with numbness and leg pain and she has been instrumental in my pain free, limitless new life. She is compassionate, fun, and will push you to do things you didn’t think you would ever do (or ever do again)…I can’t recommend Donna highly enough. If you’re looking for a new start, eager to love your body again, and want a phenomenal coach, Bolder Pilates is the answer. Janine P
  • Lexy is an excellent teacher. She is highly attentive to form, and provides just the right level of input, explaining Pilates fundamentals while adding personal nuances that make a lot of sense, and never in an overbearing manner. She has helped me deal with my recurring vocational back and neck problems in an analytical yet sympathetic way. I appreciate the way she never prioritizes attaining goals ahead of the process itself– which in a Lexy class is always fun and educational. Thomas Dolby
  • I have been going to Bolder Pilates for over 6 years. I suffer from degenerative discs in my spine, and have had 3 back surgeries over the last 10 years. I have noticed a very direct and profound correlation between doing Pilates as a regular part of my weekly routine, and my physical and mental well being. Simply put, I am better all around when I do Pilates regularly. It prevents recurring injuries and has helped me mitigate my back pain. Donna is an amazing instructor, and has so much experience and knowledge about Pilates, physiology and the body. Each week, she mixes it up and keeps it fun, so I stay engaged during my workouts. Brian B.
  • Lexy is what you would call a natural, she calmly teaches large groups of people and is able to keep us all in step. She carefully explains how to do exercises correctly, that is important because too many teachers rush through their routines but Lexy somehow explain things so clearly that the class just keeps on flowing, she knows her stuff inside and out and she seems to anticipate questions her students may have. Michele B
  • Pilates at Bolder Pilates is like having someone know exactly what’s going on with you from the inside, so you can be strong from your core.  They are  absolutely attuned to their client’s needs, and I always learn something new…whether it’s alignment and positioning, or just how to heal myself through the correct use of motion. I thank Donna and the other phenomenal women instructors there for defining both my wedding and beach body! Bolder Pilates is a secret gem right in downtown Boulder. They keep winning Best of Boulder awards, so it sounds like the secret’s out. I’d make a visit. PRONTO. You’ll feel and look better in no time! Nicole C
  • I was 16 weeks pregnant when I worked up the courage to begin working out again after a complicated first trimester. I was a bit apprehensive about trying something new while pregnant. Lexy put me immediately at ease with her knowledge of and expertise with pregnant women at any stage. She moved slowly through the exercises and didn’t once poke fun at me for being the least coordinated human being on this earth (even without a big belly) — and I assure you — I deserved it. Also, it didn’t hurt that Lexy is as sweet and zen and she is bubbly. She was always asking about my pregnancy and my plans; I looked forward to every session! She is a doll and so so knowledgeable. Jeanne G
  • I have suffered from lumbar disk degeneration for many years. Due to its debilitating nature, I became unable to do many daily tasks or enjoy the activities that I once used to. I was facing surgeries, when my MD recommended I try Pilates. Until I found Bolder Pilates , I didn’t believe anything could help me. After just a few sessions, I became able-bodied again! I have never loved working-out, and exercise routines were never a real part of my life. Until now. I am addicted to Pilates! Donna always makes me feel good about myself and continually gives me the encouragement to better myself, strengthen my body and get FIT! Donna’s knowledge about my specific needs and her patience with my “baby-steps” keeps me coming back for more. Today, I am a different person. My chronic pain has diminished. I feel healthy. My body is better than it was 25 years ago! Bolder Pilates is definitely my life-long friend. Thank you! Laurel F
  • When I began working out with Donna 4 years ago, I was having repeated back problems. Since then, I’ve been injury-free thanks to a strengthened core. Donna has tailored workouts to meets my unique needs. She’s technically solid, a great motivator, and  an infinitely patient teacher. Larry D
  • I discovered Bolder Pilates at the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy. As I gained weight in my belly, I felt I needed help to achieve a good sweaty workout without overdoing it and causing harm to my body or baby. That’s exactly what Bolder Pilates offers! During every session I got a great full-body workout, exercising muscle groups that I wasn’t even aware of. Donna made sure I didn’t overdo it, since ligaments are prone to over-stretch while pregnant. She taught me how to engage my abdominal muscles while breathing, a simple exercise that when practiced regularly, would help prevent me from Diastasis Recti, a possible side-effect of pregnancy. Now 3 months postpartum, I think those exercises helped prevent my abdominal muscles from separating, making the healing process much easier. I also learned safe exercises to do at home on my exercise ball and foam roller that helped alleviate the daily aches and pains during late stages of pregnancy. I left every session feeling energized and looked forward to the next session, since Donna is so fun to hang out with! Leslie L
  • My back hurt from riding my bike and running, and I knew I needed to strengthen my core, but I could never get motivated enough to actually do anything about it…until I met Donna Rosen of Bolder Pilates. I had always heard about Pilates, but I had no idea what it was. I was intimidated to start, because I’m not particularly coordinated or graceful. Donna started working with me at the most basic level and gave me the confidence to continue. I’ve had essentially no back pain since and I’ve stopped taking Advil almost entirely. She is a GREAT teacher and has made a huge difference in my life! Nancy S
  • Taking Pilates from Donna has changed my life. I had gotten a headache every day since I was about seven years old but after strengthening my core and working on my posture, I have been almost completely headache free for eight years now. I don’t often look forward to working out but I always enjoy Donna’s classes. She’s easy to work with and makes Pilates fun! More recently, I was in a car accident that totaled my car when my son was six weeks old; Donna put me on the fast track to healing my neck injury so I didn’t have to miss out on holding my baby. Although I’ve gone to Donna to heal injuries, I’m happy about the side effect of getting in the best shape of my life – which happened surprisingly fast. Heather H
  • I love Pilates! And I love working with Donna. I love the real results I’ve seen in my 45+ year old body since I began taking her classes. Donna is a passionate, talented teacher who makes each class fun. She continually challenges me, and then helps me meet those challenges with encouragement and humor. My posture has improved, I have abs!, and I generally feel fit, strong and healthy. Pilates with Donna is the most fun I have every week. Donna C
  • Since 2004, the Pilates training I have received from Bolder Pilates has unquestionably improved my strength, flexibility and posture. More recently, my training has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery from a significant injury. P.S. Donna and Korinne are also just terrific people who make exercise fun! Hillary D.
  • I have been training with Bolder Pilates for almost nine years. Pilates has allowed me to become much stronger at my other activities which include skiing and dancing. Before I started with Donna, I suffered from sciatica and mild back pain. Both of these are almost completely gone, and it is absolutely due to pilates. Most importantly, Donna provides the perfect amount of challenge and support. She knows when to push and when to nurture and be encouraging. You can’t ask for more than that. She is the greatest! Stacey Z
  • I came to Bolder Pilates in 2007, seeking a solution to my chronic low back pain. The core strength and fitness that I have achieved through Pilates training with Donna has given me a pain free, stronger back and body. I can’t thank her enough.  Sue H
  • When I began working out with Donna in 2006, I had one goal, and that was to alleviate my lower back and hip discomfort. To my amazement, the results were immediate. Even after Nine years of Pilates training, I still continue to feel better after every session. Its safe to say, I’m addicted! Jerri M
  • In two years, Donna has helped me gain balance, flexibility and control over my body that I never imagined I could have. She has helped me run faster, keep up with my kids and bounce back from injury. She’s amazing, and she makes every session challenging and fun. Julie P
  • I first contacted Donna at Bolder Pilates two weeks after my husband proposed. When I first started, I was very out of shape and had terrible posture. I had limited experience with Pilates and was very nervous to make such a big commitment; I would be entrusting Donna to transform my body into looking fabulous in my wedding dress. My goal of becoming fit by my wedding day became Donna’s goal as well. She always made time for my workouts, even with my constantly changing work schedule. On my wedding day, I was stronger and more fit than I had ever been in my life! I had great posture and felt beautiful in my wedding dress. Through constantly changing workouts, Donna was able to gradually increase my strength over time. Two weeks before my wedding we made a plan to workout every day as a wedding boot camp. When I left for Beaver Creek, She sent me videos of daily workouts that I could do on my own, leading up to my big day. Her guidance as an instructor gave me confidence to feel good in my own skin. I can say that choosing Bolder Pilates in preparation of my wedding was the best choice I could have made. Meghan L
  • In 2006 I was diagnosed with spondylolisthesis and degenerative disk disease from an old injury. The recommendation from both the physical therapist and the surgeon was to fuse vertebrae in two different locations. I was unwilling, so the PT suggested cortisone injections followed by classes at Bolder Pilates with Donna Rosen. Yesterday I visited the doctor who did the cortisone injection to review a recent MRI. She was surprised at how similar the results from 4 years ago were to the most recent one, and attributed the lack of disk degeneration to how strong my core is from regular Pilates. She thinks I may be able to avoid surgery indefinitely if I continue with regular Pilates! Donna’s classes are small, focused on building strength without aggravating any injuries, and she’s exceptional in positively directing clients towards doing the work correctly. Nanette B
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