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Prenatal and postpartum Pilates
  • Why it works:

    While it may seem counter-intuitive to work on your core muscles while pregnant, Pilates creates length and flexibility in the abdomen and pelvic floor, which will help support AND assist you as you both carry and deliver your baby. Keeping these muscles strong will also help prevent tearing of the abdominal wall (Diastasis Recti). Pilates is stress free on your joints and gentle, while still working your muscles enough to stay strong and stable as your body evolves during your journey through pregnancy.

    When you’re ready to resume your workouts (everyone is different, and every birth is different, but 6-8 weeks is around when you can expect to get back to working out) , nothing is as effective as Pilates for getting the abdominal muscles back in action, and helping you feel like yourself again. With new parenthood, comes a lot of new movements and positions for you to adjust to. You may find your body has some interesting new challenges – neck issues that can arise from breast-feeding, hip and back strain from holding and caring for your little one, a lack of stability from ligamental laxity due to the hormone Relaxin. We will address all of this as well as anything else you may be experiencing, and help you regain control of your changing body.

  • Why us?:

    Donna has had years of continuing education and experience working with women to strengthen and prepare their bodies for birth, and to recover their conditioning after pregnancy. She has trained many women through their 9th month, and it is one of her favorite areas of teaching. Bolder Pilates is a safe and nurturing environment for your pre-pregnancy and postnatal Pilates training in Boulder.

I discovered Bolder Pilates at the beginning of my third trimester of pregnancy. As I gained more weight in my belly, I felt I needed help to achieve a good sweaty workout without overdoing it and causing harm to my body or baby. That’s exactly what Bolder Pilates offers! During every session I got a great full-body workout, exercising muscle groups that I wasn’t even aware of. Donna made sure I didn’t overdo any of the exercises, since ligaments are more prone to over-stretch while pregnant. She taught me how to engage my abdominal muscles while breathing, a simple exercise that when practiced regularly, would help prevent me from Diastasis Recti. I wasn’t aware of this possible side-effect of pregnancy, and now 3 months postpartum, I think those exercises helped prevent my abdominal muscles from separating making the healing process much easier. I also learned safe exercises I could do at home on my exercise ball and foam roller that helped alleviate the daily aches and pains during late stages of pregnancy. I left every session feeling energized and looked forward to the next session, since Donna is so fun to hang out with!

Leslie L.
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