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Our Clients
I love Pilates! And I love working with Donna. I love the real results I’ve seen in my 40+ year old body since I began taking her classes. Donna is a passionate, talented teacher who makes each class fun. She continually challenges me, and then helps me meet those challenges with encouragement and humor. My posture has improved, I have abs!, and I generally feel fit, strong and healthy. Pilates with Donna is the most fun I have every week. Donna Crain
Since 2004, the Pilates training I have received from Bolder Pilates has unquestionably improved my strength, flexibility and posture. More recently, my training has been instrumental in my ongoing recovery from a significant injury. P.S. Donna and Korinne are also just terrific people who make exercise fun! Hillary D.
I came to Bolder Pilates in 2007, seeking a solution to my chronic low back pain. The core strength and fitness that I have achieved through Pilates training with Bolder Pilates has given me a pain free, stronger back and body. I can’t thank them enough. Sue Hauser
I have been training with Bolder Pilates for almost 9 years. Pilates has allowed me to become much stronger at my other activities which include skiing and dancing. Before I started with Donna, I suffered from sciatica and mild back pain. Both of these are almost completely gone, and I believe it is due to pilates. Most importantly, Donna provides the perfect amount of challenge and support. She knows when to push and when to nurture and be encouraging. You can’t ask for more than that. She is the greatest! Stacey Zis
When I began working out with Donna in 2006, I had one goal, and that was to alleviate my lower back and hip discomfort. To my amazement, the results were immediate. Even after 8 years of Pilates training, I still continue to feel better after every session. I’m addicted! Jerri Miller
In two years, Donna helped me gain balance, flexibility and control over my body that I never imagined I could have. She has helped me run faster, keep up with my kids and bounce back from injury. She’s amazing, and she makes every session challenging and fun. Julie Polito
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